Drawn from the world of nature, these images reflect multiple views which suggest simultaneous narratives within mutable time frames. Experimentation gives birth to new techniques, and the practice of technique allows for true spontaneity.  In dialogue with the Unconscious, I imagine gestures as words whereby new vocabularies appear by chance, through happy accidents and unexpected mistakes. I have no plan. I don’t want to know where the work is going. In this state of “not knowing”        I surrender to the rhythm of the painting, to the Daimon of the work, with pleasure as my guide.  I give myself over to emotion, whatever may come.  I intuit the nature of a given subject, engage sense memory.  While texture brings forth movement and mood, relationship creates the space. Shapes appear; textures reinvent themselves. Forms draw near to one another, they embrace, they converse; brushstrokes fight, look at one another, flee; lines recognize and accompany one another. And in these scenes, a play between chaos and structure arises, which carries the story forward.